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Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation before and after
Before and After SMP

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a life changing hair loss solution where natural pigment is injected in to the dermal layer of the skin. The pigment is applied so as to form small circular dots, in order to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles. 

Creative Hair Clinic use SMP to treat balding areas of the scalp, thinning areas of the scalp and thinning eyebrows. 

Our fully trained practitioners regularly use SMP to treat natural hair loss. However, we also use it to treat hair loss due to burns, scars and surgery, including scars left from F.U.T. hair transplants.

SMP for Receding Hair Line

As can be seen in the associated image, SMP is extremely effective in recreating a natural looking hairline when the client is opting for a closely shaven look. Please note how the process also camouflages the scar on the client’s head. The scar is practically unnoticeable after the procedure.

As with hair transplants, the drawing of the hairline is of critical importance to match both the head shape, age and personal wishes of the client. Pat’s knowledge and experience of hair lines is invaluable to clients receiving the procedure.

Scalp Micropigmentation Before and After
Before and After images of SMP
Scalp Micropigmentation for thinning hair
Thinning hair after SMP treatment

SMP for Thinning Hair

SMP is very effective at treating thinning hair in all areas of the scalp, including the crown. Thinning areas of the scalp reflect more light than fuller areas, exacerbating the problem. 

SMP darkens the scalp in the thinning area and as a result the hair looks more dense as illustrated in the attached image.   

Frequently Asked Questions on Scalp Micropigmentation

Q1. Is scalp micropigmentation painful?

The SMP procedure produces some mild pain and discomfort, but is very tolerable by our clients. The microneedle’s small tip size means it is a lot less painful than, for example, a tattoo needle or a blood test extraction needle. Therefore, clients do not require anaesthetics pre-procedure or painkillers after.

Q2. How long does the procedure take?

Each SMP session lasts a maximum of four hours. Depending on the coverage area required, clients can need anything between one and four sessions. Alopecia capitis totalis, or to use its more common name, total baldness, requires four sessions to cover the entire scalp. Breaks are taken throughout each session, to suit the client.

Q3. Is SMP permanent?

SMP is a semi-permanent solution for hair loss. Some slight fading of the pigment will take place after approximately four years. At that stage, a touch up session is usually required to restore the look. 

Q4. How much does SMP cost?

A full Scalp Micropigmentation session can last up to 4 hours, depending on the Norwood Scale of the hair.

  • Full head Norwood Scale 6-7 €500 per session and with 3-4 sessions needed, depending on baldness.
  • Half head Norwood Scale 4-5 €400 per session and will be 3 sessions needed.
  • Density Norwood Scalp 2-3 partial baldness €350 per session and will need 2-3 sessions, also depending on baldness.
  • Scar coverage €250 per session with 2-3 sessions, depending on the scar.
  • Density & Scar coverage: €450 per session with 2-3 sessions.
  • Alopea full head of Scalp Micropigmentation €600 per session with 3-4 sessions.

Each Scalp Micropigmentation session is 7-10 days apart and can be longer if needed, to suit each client. Consultation can be up to 30 minutes and costs €50.00.

Norwood Scale

Q5. Are there any after effects of SMP?

In some cases, there is some reddening of the scalp after the session, which usually lasts about three days. Clients can return to work immediately after the SMP session.

Q6. Are there different colour pigments?

Yes. We select pigments to match the colour of the client’s existing hair and hair roots.

Q7. Is the SMP carried out in Ireland?

Yes. Our practitioners carry out the procedure in our Hair Loss Clinic in Leixlip.

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